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Derick B.

$42 /hr

Athletic Performance, Basketball, Bodybuilding
Years Training:   8

Ariana S.

$75 /hr

Aerobics, Athletic Performance, Barre
Years Training:   8

Myron B.

$82 /hr

Athletic Performance, Basketball, Bodybuilding
Years Training:   4

Cliff S.

$158 /hr

Athletic Performance, Boot Camp, Cardio
Years Training:   40

Simon W.

$100 /hr

Athletic Performance, Bodybuilding, Bodyweight Training
Years Training:   16

Michael C.

$100 /hr

Athletic Performance, Basketball, Bodybuilding
Years Training:   25

In a land where celebrities and beautiful people are the norm it can sometimes feel impossible to stand out from the crowd. With we don’t expect you to be the next big movie star but simply the best version of yourself. With a personal trainer in Los Angeles you can not only approve upon on your physical appearance but also your overall health. Sure, you can find kale smoothies on nearly every corner but drinking one once a week doesn’t mean you’re leading a healthy lifestyle. With a personal trainer from you will learn what it means to embrace fitness as way of life.

Whether you’re looking to try out a new activity such as mixed martial arts or have a specific weight loss goal in mind, provides you with a comprehensive list of the most qualified personal trainers in Los Angeles. Not only will you find the right personal trainer for your fitness needs but you’ll also be able to book quickly online and take sessions at times and locations most convenient for you.

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