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Personal Trainer

Brent W.

$83 /hr

Baseball, Bodybuilding, Core
Years Training:   10
Personal Trainer

Chase B.

$75 /hr

Athletic Performance, Bodybuilding, Bodyweight Training
Years Training:   7
Personal Trainer

Rakim C.

$85 /hr

Athletic Performance, Bodybuilding, Cardio
Years Training:   15
Hours taught: 10+
Personal Trainer

Robbie R.

$82 /hr

Athletic Performance, Baseball, Bicycling
Years Training:   15
Personal Trainer

Vanessa L.

$67 /hr

Aerobics, Athletic Performance, Bodyweight Training
Years Training:   6
Personal Trainer

Kendra S.

$150 /hr

, Aerobics, Athletic Performance
Years Training:   8

San Diego has one of the most agreeable climates not only in the country but in the entire world, so it comes as no surprise that people take their fitness very seriously. Whether you are an avid runner or you participate in boot camp classes at Balboa Park, San Diego residents don’t take 70 and sunny for granted. Not everyone in San Diego however, has found their fitness calling. If you’re one of those people can help you find a personal trainer perfect for you and your fitness needs.

Signing up with a personal trainer in San Diego can benefit either someone who can't seem to lose that extra pregnancy weight or someone who has hit a wall while training for this years San Diego triathlon. We take pride in setting students up with personal trainers who teach all ages and fitness levels but also who are both affordable and conveniently located. By either filling out the pop-up request form or inputting your zip code above you can click-through and review the various trainers in your area.

If you have any questions about how to get set up with a personal trainer please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at [email protected] or 844-462-8489.