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New York, NY

$125 /hr

I believe in law of cause and effect: what we sow is what we reap. Read more.

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17 Years Experience
24 Hours Completed
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Personal Trainer


New York, NY

$110 /hr

I want to focus on making a better version of yourself and with hardwork... Read more.

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Certifications: ACE
4 Years Experience
12 Hours Completed
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Personal Trainer


New York, NY

$108 /hr

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Certifications: ACE, ISSA, and NASM
19 Years Experience
44 Hours Completed
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Personal Trainer


New York, NY

$84 /hr

I believe you can achieve anything you want, the gym is not just a place... Read more.

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Certifications: ASFA
10 Years Experience
134 Hours Completed
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Personal Trainer


New York, NY

$158 /hr

I believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle can not only change an indiv... Read more.

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Certifications: NSCA
12 Years Experience
12 Hours Completed
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Are you sitting for long hours at your office job, eating whatever may be laying around when you’re hungry and exercising only on your walks from your apartment to the office? If this sounds too much like your life in New York City then you could probably use a personal trainer to kick start your life.

At we understand that an intensive job and vibrant social life don’t always go hand in hand with health and fitness. For that reason we’ve made it simple for you to find a personal trainer in New York that will not only customize your fitness experience but meet you at the time and place most convenient for you and your busy schedule. You can either browse through our list of personal trainers above or fill out our customer request form so we can match you with the perfect personal trainer.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind such as weight loss or you want to try out a new activity like kickboxing, has a personal trainer that is right for you. Meet your personal trainer for a boot camp session at Central Park or request a yoga instructor to come to your apartment. Your fitness journey has endless possibilities when you sign up with a personal trainer in New York through

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