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Brandi J.

$83 /hr

Bodyweight Training, Boot Camp, Cardio
Years Training:   5

Jeremy T.

$58 /hr

Athletic Performance, Bodyweight Training, Boot Camp
Years Training:   15

Shane Michael D.

$83 /hr

Athletic Performance, Bodybuilding, Bodyweight Training
Years Training:   27
Hours taught: 30+

Jessica J.

$67 /hr

Aerobics, Athletic Performance, Basketball
Years Training:   10
Hours taught: 20+

Robert T.

$67 /hr

Aerobics, Bicycling, Bodyweight Training
Years Training:   5

Olga F.

$83 /hr

Aerobics, Bodyweight Training, Boot Camp
Years Training:   27

Houston, TX residents take pride in their athletics and nearly every season enjoy watching a different professional sport in their city. Houston locals love cheering on their beloved NFL team, the Texans; their MLB franchise, the Astros; and their two-time NBA champs, the Rockets. But as much as they like watching their athletes from the sidelines, natives of Houston love being physically active themselves. Now finding a workout program in the Houston area is easy with can help you find a certified personal trainer in Houston that specializes in the fitness program right for you. Whether your ultimate goal is weight loss, finding an exercise regimen and sticking to it, or feeling healthier both physically and mentally, personal training with can help you get there. We have the best personal trainers in the Houston area that cater to people of all ages and fitness levels -- and are committed to helping every client reach his or her fitness goals.

Reaching your health and fitness objectives is simple with Our instructors in Houston specialize in many different exercise programs, such as body weight training, yoga and Crossfit. Houston area instructors train at a variety of locations, including public parks, gyms, health and fitness centers and even your own home. Choose the personal trainer who teaches at the location closest and most convenient to you! Reaching your fitness goals is challenging, but makes the first step easy. Sign up with the personal trainer who meets your fitness needs today!