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St Louis, MO

$68 /hr

We believe that everyone can participate in some form of physical activi... Read more.

Certifications: ACE and CSCS
20 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


St Louis, MO

$68 /hr

Fitness is a lifestyle that people neglect. With the proper knowledge an... Read more.

(2 reviews)
12 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


St Louis, MO

$54 /hr

My philosophy is that above all else, a personal trainer is a teacher. B... Read more.

Certifications: NSCA
10 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


St Louis, MO

$73 /hr

Assessing you as an individual, finding out your goals and creating a ... Read more.

(3 reviews)
Certifications: NASM
10 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


St Louis, MO

$102 /hr

I use a wide variety of equipment, depending on what is available. We wo... Read more.

Certifications: ACSM
7 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


St Louis, MO

$145 /hr

Training philosophy: Get to know the client and the factors they affect ... Read more.

(1 review)
Certifications: ACE
13 Years Experience
2 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


St Louis, MO

$110 /hr

I believe personal training is a team effort. I provide the tools to us... Read more.

(1 review)
Certifications: ACE
22 Years Experience
14 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


St Louis, MO

$76 /hr

-over 50 certifications and over 19 years of experience helped FUEL stre... Read more.

Certifications: ACE, AFAA, ISFTA, ISSA...
25 Years Experience

Trusted with over 100,000 hours of sessions since 2013.

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What better way to burn off those empty Budweiser calories than by signing up for sessions with a personal trainer in St Louis. Whether you’re trying to get rid of that beer belly or looking for some extra training leading up to the Go! St. Louis Marathon, FitnessTrainer.com has a personal trainer who is perfect for you. If you fill out the form above we will match you with a personal trainer who will customize a training regimen around your specific fitness needs.

With FitnessTrainer.com you will find a fitness activity that will hold your attention as much as the Cardinals’ yearly pennant race. Besides finding a training regimen that is both effective and interesting, our personal trainers in St Louis will work around your busy schedule. If you’re looking to utilize a local St. Louis gym but don’t want to pay monthly fee then sign up for a session package with FitnessTrainer.com. If you would rather enjoy the outdoors at a local park such as Forest Park try signing up with a trainer who is conducting a boot camp session with FitnessTrainer.com. No matter your fitness needs we have a local personal trainer who will help make fitness a way of life.

If you have any questions or you wish to speak with a member of the FitnessTrainer team who can help you get set up with the right personal trainer, please don’t hesitate to get contact with us at 844-462-8489 or [email protected]

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