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Plymouth Meeting, PA

$76 /hr

To see changes you have to make changes. Read more.

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Certifications: AFAA
10 Years Experience
12 Hours Completed
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Philadelphia, PA

$70 /hr

I utilize an Overhead Squat Assessment which allows me to correct any we... Read more.

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Certifications: DETC, IFPA, ISSA, NASM...
23 Years Experience
17 Hours Completed
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Cheltenham, PA

$113 /hr

I challenge my clients with guided workouts focused on manageable progress. Read more.

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Certifications: ISSA
12 Years Experience
21 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


Philadelphia, PA

$76 /hr

The best type of training is the kind that makes you sweat and have fun ... Read more.

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Certifications: ISSA
10 Years Experience
14 Hours Completed
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Philadelphia, PA

$72 /hr

I’m a firm believer of you get out what you put in. This correlates with... Read more.

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Certifications: ISSA and NASM
13 Years Experience
3 Hours Completed

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Is there a more iconic moment in film than of Rocky running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Any Philly native who has ever done training on a grueling hill or has pushed through a final set with their personal trainer has hummed the Rocky theme song to inspire them. In both fiction and reality, Philly has long embodied this never-say-die mentality.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Philadelphia to bring out your inner Rocky then FitnessTrainer.com has you covered. On FitnessTrainer.com you can find a local boxing trainer, yoga instructor, athletic trainer and everything in between. Whether you are determined to take your training to the next level or you are interested in trying a new activity with a supportive Philadelphia personal trainer, it’s always easy to sign up. By inputting your zip code above you can explore a wide variety of trainers at various price points and locations, including in home. Once you have found the right trainer you can book book directly online and be in contact with your trainer the very same day.

We at FitnessTrainer.com believe that when it comes to personal training every customer is unique so please contact us if you have any questions. It’s our personal goal to match you with the perfect Philadelphia personal trainer.

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