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Boston, MA

$98 /hr

Everything starts from within. Build a strong core and everything else ... Read more.

(9 reviews)
Certifications: ACE
30 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Boston, MA

$95 /hr

I like to describe myself as the fundamental of personal training. Read more.

(11 reviews)
Certifications: NASM
3 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Boston, MA

$117 /hr

Consistency, communication, balance, mindfulness... you'll hear me preac... Read more.

(4 reviews)
3 Years Experience
65 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


Boston, MA

$90 /hr

Everyone faces their own challenges and obstacles that stand between the... Read more.

(10 reviews)
Certifications: ACE and NSCA
7 Years Experience
159 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


Boston, MA

$146 /hr

A training program should always consider your health & fitness goals, c... Read more.

(3 reviews)
Certifications: NASM
17 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Boston, MA

$129 /hr

I utilize my analysis of your unique movement patterns to deliver the mo... Read more.

Certifications: ACE
16 Years Experience
12 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


Boston, MA

$72 /hr

I have worked exclusively with elderly(age over 60) for the non-profit w... Read more.

(11 reviews)
Certifications: ACE
6 Years Experience
32 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


Mattapan, MA

$122 /hr

Every fitness journey starts with master in the basics. You move better ... Read more.

(2 reviews)
Certifications: ACE
25 Years Experience
6 Hours Completed

Trusted with over 100,000 hours of sessions since 2013.

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“Complacent” is never a word associated with Boston. Whether referring to revolutionaries at the Boston Tea Party or the avid sports fans cheering on the local teams, Boston natives fight for what they believe in. This same attitude has proven so successful for FitnessTrainer.com. We don’t settle for listing just any personal trainer, only the ones who qualified to help you reach your fitness goal. At FitnessTrainer.com it is our mission to set up Boston residents with a personal trainer who isn’t just qualified, but also affordable and located nearby.

If you live in Allston, the South End or Somerville FitnessTrainer.com has a personal that either has a facility listed near you or they will be willing to travel to you. Choose between training at public parks, gyms, fitness centers, and even your own home. By either filling out the customer request form or reviewing the available personal trainers we will be able to match you with a trainer who checks all the necessary fitness, schedule, and price boxes.

If you have any general questions concerning our personal trainers or FitnessTrainer.com, please get in contact with us at 844-462-8489 or [email protected].

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