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Kemah, TX

$82 /hr

I like to start a client where their at and slowly build them up. I want... Read more.

Certifications: CI (Cooper)
30 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Southlake, TX

$85 /hr

I provide information like a teacher, exhibit the creativity of an artis... Read more.

(20 reviews)
Certifications: CI (Cooper)
25 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Colleyville, TX

$11 /hr

Execute my eating, cardio & strength plan and I guarantee great results! Read more.

Certifications: AFAA and NSCA
30 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Colleyville, TX

$76 /hr

I lead by example, so anything I ask of clients, I am willing to do myse... Read more.

(2 reviews)
Certifications: CI (Cooper) and NASM
25 Years Experience
8 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


Southlake, TX

$82 /hr

Practice is the key to success,so let’s practice smart,be consistent and... Read more.

25 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Colleyville, TX

$43 /hr

Personalized 1-on-1 training programs and Group Fitness Sessions resulti... Read more.

Certifications: ISSA
5 Years Experience
Personal Trainer


Denton, TX

$102 /hr

We begin with accessing your needs and current shape. From there we dete... Read more.

(6 reviews)
Certifications: CSCS
13 Years Experience
2 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer


Mansfield, TX

$52 /hr

If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. Reaching your goals sho... Read more.

(2 reviews)
Certifications: NFPT
8 Years Experience

Trusted with over 100,000 hours of sessions since 2013.

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