What You Need to Know about the NCCA Accredited Personal Training Certification

Are you looking for how to get an NCCA accredited personal training certification? Then this guide will point you in the right direction. 

NCCA is an independent government agency mandated to layout the required standard for professional certification programs. This procedure happens through NCCA chosen accreditation processes. In this guide, we will give detailed and well-researched information that will help you answer your questions and understand how these agencies that offer NCCA accredited certification operate.  In this guide, we will show you:

1. The list of all authorized certification and NCCA accredited.

2. How to become a certified trainer

3. The best-rated trainer certification.

This guide aims to educate you on all the critical information related to the NCCA accreditation process. Some of the best accredited and certifications NCCA institutions are currently: NASM, ISSA, NSCA, NESTA, NFPT, NCCPT, NETA, and ACE. 

It is recommended that if you want to become a certified trainer, you should first look for the best PT certification.

NCCA Accredited Personal Training Certification Requirements

The core role that NCCA plays is to monitor the processes that certifying agencies are using. They further ensure that the curriculum offered is in line with the demands of the profession. Also, they help to keep in check the procedure certifying agencies are following to administer exams.

NCCA is also engaged in the following duties.

1. They ensure the examination procedures are not biased.

2. They ensure the exams adhere to the laid out minimum competency levels on every exam.

3. They ensure that incompetent trainers do not injure their clients.

4. They do follow up on the selected agency authorized to offer certification to ensure these agencies support their certified professionals.

Introduction to NCCA Accredited agencies

Today, the standards for personal training have been raised higher, and the rules, unlike the early years of personal training, have become stricter for all the participants. 

Not too long ago it was not a requirement for a personal trainer to have any certification from any government or private organization to practice their profession.  The whole scene was associated with individuals who loved to exercise and gave their friends advice based on their experience. Furthermore, some people saw the importance of this action and were willing to pay for the personal instruction offered.

However, this approach to fitness was not around for long, and the inception of IHRSA, an {international health, racquet, and sports association} was the game changer for all the participants. This association started to engage the gym and health club management. In their submission, the association identified the need for these clubs to have certified personal trainers to make sure best practices were being followed.

Back then, the NCCA did exist but it was accrediting other certifications in different industries. The whole game changed when certifying agencies were interested in personal training. As a result, these certification agencies started the process of accrediting the fitness industry. 

When the approach was successful, becoming a personal trainer became more valuable as more people had confidence in their services. The action was driven by the fact that people were after the quality, and what they were getting was based on proven training methods. As a result, these actions increased the value of hiring a personal trainer, which saw the salary for personal trainers increase gradually.

Participants in the personal training industry were very dedicated, adhered strictly to the safety protocols, and ensured the trainer's information was accurate and reliable. To date, there is a good number of NCCA accredited certification agencies that still provide this high quality training.

How to get an NCCA Accredited Personal Training Certification

Are you willing to be a certified personal trainer? For any individual who wants to become a personal trainer, it is required that they get certified first. The process of getting certified means a thorough preparation before taking the certification exam.

For anyone new in this industry, preparation for entry-level exams is a demanding task. We recommend before you take these exams that you apply for courses offered by any NCCA accredited certification agencies that will give you the education you need and guide you through the exams. Furthermore, an online platform can offer reliable training that you can take advantage of in the comfort of your own home.

The cost of training is another key consideration if you’re looking at getting certified. The cost of certifications varies widely depending on the certification.  While some agencies are cheaper than others, the value of the certification obtained is perceived differently by different employers so do your research ahead of time and have an idea of where you would like to work.

What trainer certification is most respected?

This question is very common, and it is asked by almost everyone when they start their journey to become a personal trainer and earn a CPT certification. However, many fitness certification agencies can help an aspiring personal trainer get started in the industry.

If you’re looking at making personal training your career for the long term, then ACE and NASM are the two best personal training certification agencies. When a fitness trainer has a NASM and ACE certification, they will have a higher chance than any other participant to find a job in a wide variety of gyms and workout programs.


Understanding the different roles that are played by NCCA and DEAC is very crucial for fitness trainers.  The NCCA is a non-profit organization responsible for accrediting professional certification programs.  On the other hand, DEAC's main role lies in all long-distance learning programs offered by a learning institution.


If you are looking to become a personal trainer, the two best certifications right now are ACE and NASM. These are the most recognized by certifications by gyms and other employers looking for personal trainers.  Both of these certifications have high pass rates for people who take the time to study before the exam. Also, they offer a retake so you don’t worry about the pressure of it being all or nothing. Your next step is to pick the certification that is the best fit for you as you start the fun and rewarding career of being a personal trainer.