Exercises to Help Eliminate Flabby Arms

Tank top season is just around the corner and you’re probably wanting to make sure your arms are looking their best. Most of us struggle with putting on a few extra pounds over the colder months, and women especially are more likely to naturally retain fat stores in their arms. Though you cannot spot treat where your body removes fat, these overall fat-busting workouts will burn tons of calories while simultaneously targeting the arms for muscle building and toning. All of these exercises can be done at home, and modifications are provided to help you work your way up to the higher intensity versions.

Push up + Mountain Climber

The basic push up is one of the most efficient workouts you can do. With this compound move, you will begin in a plank position with wrists below shoulders and a flat back. Start with 1-4 push ups depending on your strength level and familiarity with the exercise, before seamlessly transitioning to 4 mountain climbers. Switch between the two motions as many times as possible in a 20-30 second time frame and allow for short breaks in between rounds.

Modifications: Knee push ups or wall push ups can be substituted to help build strength in the arms. Simply come back to a high plank position before performing mountain climbers or do standing mountain climbers instead.

Reverse Plank + Foot Taps

A reverse plank position is sure to burn the triceps (where that annoying fat store likes to hang out). With fingers facing forward to protect the wrists, plant your hands and heels on the floor while lifting your hips as high as possible. One foot at a time, lift your heel from the floor and place it several inches to the side before returning to your original position. Switch between feet for 20-30 second rounds while maintaining as high of a hip position as possible.

Modifications: This move can be done from a bench or in a “box” position instead of a full reverse plank. Bring your feet up under your knees and lift your hips up creating a box of your arms and lower legs perpendicular to the rest of your body and the floor. Instead of placing your heel to the side, try extending each leg and tapping your heel in front of you.

Step ups + Bicep Curl + Tricep Kickback

This might appear complicated, but it’s much simpler than it sounds. Using a step, bench, or stable chair, begin by standing in front of your step holding a weight in either hand. (If you don’t own any dumbbells, try water bottles or milk jugs.) While stepping up onto your step, curl your weights up into a bicep curl. While stepping down from your step, press your weights back behind you into a tricep kickback. Remember to switch feet each time you step up to get the added benefit of a great glute and thigh burn.

Modifications: If you can’t find a step to use, try holding a static lunge to increase calorie burn. Switch which leg you are lunging on for each round. You can also eliminate the use of weights if you are new to exercise.

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