The 7 Best Squat Racks in 2023 with Prices & Reviews 

Squat racks serve as the cornerstone for many home gyms. These versatile tools let you work hard even in a limited amount of space, building your muscles and strengthening your entire body. However, there are many squat racks on the market, making it difficult for some people to select the right option. 

You can use this article to go over the seven best options for squat racks on the market today. Get detailed information about each rack and details about prices so you can plan around your budget.


#1: The Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand

We put the Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand at the top of our list for squat rack options. It provides you with an incredibly high-quality option at a value price. In addition, the Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand can stand up to the test of time and continue performing very well through years of use.

Stocking your home gym requires you to consider the lifespan of various exercise equipment. Most home gym owners do not want to replace expensive material every few years. Instead, you want a piece that won’t break or give out on you, despite hard use. 

The SML-2’s sturdy frame allows it to handle anything you want to throw at it. Rogue used 3” x 3” steel (11-gauge) to construct the SML-2. Reviewers have easily loaded over 700 pounds onto the frame without it showing any signs of a problem.

You do not technically need to bolt the SML-2C Squat Stand into place to use it. However, we recommend that you consider either weighing down the stand or bolting it into place if you want to use it for kipping pull-ups. Performing this exercise without stabilizing the frame could lead to an accident.

The SML-2 allows you to use many Monster Lite accessories. Rogue produces these accessories for its work-out equipment. You can use these accessories to customize your workout, giving you the ability to strengthen your entire body.

However, keep in mind that some Monster Lite accessories get a little pricey. These costs do not factor into the expenses for the stand itself. The more you customize, the more money you have to spend.

You may want to consider other facts about spending extra for the SML-2. The stand does not come from the factory with safety spotter arms. You have to purchase these extra if you want them. We recommend them as a safety feature to reduce the risks when using the SML-2. 

During our review, we found the SML-2’s relatively small footprint to be a desirable feature. It’s easy to work on and around, giving you space to add other pieces of equipment to your home gym with relatively few issues.

Due to the design of the Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand, it works very well if you’re interested in CrossFit training. In addition, you can adapt many of the exercises popularized by the CrossFit program onto the Squat Stand, allowing you to fully engage with your health and wellbeing.

The equipment’s relatively low weight also makes it easy for you to move it around if you want to change the design of your workout area. You might need another person to help you shift it, but it isn’t too difficult to move to a new location when it’s time to redesign your space.

The SML-2 doesn’t go all-in on aesthetics. The base models, especially, feature plain metal for the most part. However, we believe that looks count for less when you’re looking for the perfect squat rack to strengthen your legs and glutes.

Still, you may want to keep the appearance in mind if you plan to keep your squat rack in a more visible portion of your home. You could cover the exposed metal of the design in some situations.

We appreciate how easy it could fit in almost any home gym space while allowing you to engage in various exercise techniques. These factors put together help keep SML-2 our top choice for buyers interested in squat racks. 

  • Warranty. The SML-2C Squat Stand comes with a lifetime warranty. While we’ve been very impressed with the SML-2’s durability and reliability, it’s nice to have the reassurance of a warranty, just in case something goes wrong with the equipment. The warranty allows you to contact the company if any part of your squat stand fails or breaks.
  • Price for the Equipment. You can expect to pay around or under $500 for the SML-2C. The relatively low price point makes it very appealing to many people who want to set up a home gym. Equipment costs can prove prohibitive in some cases, but the SML-2C can be yours for a relatively low asking price.
  • Size. Compared to many squat racks on the market, the SML-2C takes relatively little space. Each model has a 49” by 48” footprint, making it easy to place and use. You could put it in your garage, a work-out room, or in another area of your house. Consider all of these factors before making a squat rack purchase.
  • Exercises. Squat stands earned their name for their ability to help with squats. However, many of them also work for other activities. You can use the SML-2 for many exercises, including pull-ups and bench presses. However, keep in mind that you should secure the SML-2 before attempting kipping pull-ups.
  • Customization. Rogue designed the SML-2 to work at varying height levels, allowing you to customize your experience. Most of the equipment uses two-inch hole spacing, giving you the ability to choose how far you want to lift. However, the company used westside hole spacing on the equipment’s bench. You can use these options to customize your fit.


#2: Fringe Sport Garage Series Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

You have a few more cost-effective options if you want to stick to squat racks. These options also provide you with the least bulky choice for squat stands. Fringe Sport’s Garage Series was designed with the needs of people who had limited space in mind.

In addition to maintaining a low price point, Fringe Sport offers free shipping for the Garage Series Squat Rack. We found this surprising since the rack does weigh almost 100 pounds. You can take advantage of the free shipping offer to save more money on your purchase.

We also found Fringe Sport’s customer service very impressive. The representatives go out of their way to make you feel like a valued customer, which we appreciated.

The Garage Series Squat Rack comes with a pull-up bar, allowing you to work on your upper body strength. You can also purchase additional accessories from Fringe Sport that work well with the Squat Rack. We found the prices for these accessories to be very reasonable, allowing you to customize your experience for an affordable price.

The company saved money on constructing the squat rack by using 2” by 3” steel instead of the more common 3” by 3”. They also utilized 12-gauge steel. On the rest of our list, you’ll see that many of the other options use sturdier 11-gauge options.

However, despite the changes to the frame, we found the Squat Rack very sturdy. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for a powerlifter, but squat racks often don’t work well for individuals into that form of heavy lifting, anyway.

We do wish that Fringe Sport included spotter arms with the Garage Series Squat Rack. However, it’s not that expensive to buy these accessories with your purchase. Remember to focus on safety; do not bench press any amount of weight without the spotter's arms properly installed.

In all, we found the Garage Series Squat Rack to be an excellent value for the money. Fringe Sport uses a black powder coating over the steel parts, giving it a sturdy finish that resists scratches and other forms of damage.

The equipment also comes with storage horns for weight plates. These built-in storage features allow you to keep your garage area uncultured while you work out. Storage horns also make it easy to add or remove weights during your workout.

We generally recommend bolting down your squat racks for extra stability. However, if you do not have that option due to the flooring in your work-out space, you can use the weights on the storage horns for extra stability. Taking this step keeps the rack from swaying around when you work out.

The Garage Series Squat Rack also uses Westside hole spacing, which is quickly becoming the industry standard for squat racks. Westside spacing gives you an inch of space through the range where you’d bench press. These small changes help you correctly place your spotter's arms. 

We noticed that the Garage Series Squat Rank might not be a comfortable size for everyone. Taller users may feel uncomfortable when they try to use this piece of equipment, which is a factor to keep in mind before making your final purchase.

We found the Garage Series Squat Rack easy to set up and move into position. It’s a relatively lightweight piece of gym equipment, meaning you can move it easily if you decide that you don’t like its original positioning. When setting up a home gym, this feature is important.

You may decide to move at some point after purchasing a squat rack. However, heavy options can be challenging to move to a new location, especially without damaging them. The Garage Series Squat Rack is a good option if you think you might move in the future.

The Garage Series Squat Rack's design makes it slightly less stable than some of the larger models you’ll find out there. However, the weight plate storage helps add increased stability to each workout, helping you stay safe while you build your muscles. 

You can reach out to us to learn more about the Garage Series Squat Rack. We’ll help you go over other bargain options, as well.

  • Warranty. Many of the options we’ll discuss on this list come with a lifetime warranty. However, the Garage Series Squat Rack only provides you with a one-year warranty. After the warranty expires, you can no longer get replacements for any broken parts on your equipment.

We found the Garage Series Squat Rack to be sturdy and well-built. However, we expect any gym equipment to wear out and break down over time. Therefore, we recommend that you factor the limited warranty into any purchasing decision.

  • Price for the Equipment. You’ll have a hard time getting a better deal on a squat rack than the Garage Series. In many cases, you can find this equipment for around $300. In some cases, you may even find options available for less.
  • Size. The Garage Series Squat Rack still has a relatively large footprint despite its comparatively low cost. It comes with the following dimensions:
    •     Height: 84.5”
    •     Width: 49.5”
    •     Depth: 46.5”

The entire rack weighs around 80 pounds, making it significantly lighter than many of the options on our list. In addition, the lighter weight makes it easy to move the rack if you need to rearrange your workout space.

  • Exercises. You can, of course, use the Garage Series Squat Rack for squats, and it also comes with accessories that allow for dips and pull-ups. If you want to use it for bench pressing, we recommend buying spotter arms, which cost extra. These accessories will enable you to work out safely and effectively. 
  • Customization. You have some customization options if you purchase the Garage Series Squat Rack. As we mentioned, you may buy spotter arms for your rack. Fringe Sport also sells various other accessories that you can add to your rack to personalize it further.


#3: Rep Fitness PR-4000 Power Rack

Are you looking for something a little bigger than a squat stand? In this situation, we’d recommend that you consider a power rack. These racks take up more space while providing more options and increased stability.

The Rep Fitness PR-4000 represents one of the best power racks on the market today. In addition, it offers you a wide range of benefits, including high-quality materials, expandability, and extensive options for customization.

Rep Fitness used standard 3” x 3” steel tubing to construct the power rack. The PR-4000 received a rating to handle up to 1,000 pounds, making it a great option if you want to do some serious weightlifting without worrying about overwhelming your equipment.

The wide range of customization available for the PR-4000 means you don’t have to spend money on features you don’t want. Instead, you select the additions you want to add to your equipment, only paying for what you want the most. 

You’ll find 1” westside hole spacing around the weight bench, allowing you to further customize your squat rack experience. In addition, Rep Fitness has produced several accessories to use with the PR-4000, including:

  •     Storage for free weights
  •     Pull-up bars
  •     J-cups
  •     Safeties
  •     Extensions for the front foot
  •     Spotter arms
  •     Stabilizers for the rear base
  •     Jammer arms
  •     Monolift arms

 You don’t have to choose just one accessory. The design of the PR-4000 makes it possible to mix and match multiple choices, creating a personalized workout machine that helps you succeed in your fitness goals.

Generally, you want to bolt the PR-4000 Power Rack to the ground for the sake of safety. However, you may purchase stabilizers for the power rack if you don’t want to – or cannot – bolt it into place. We understand that bolting isn’t always possible, depending upon your location.

Like most power racks, the PR-4000 takes up a significant amount of space, especially if you add accessories. Therefore, you may need to consider your available room before purchasing the PR-4000. It also weighs enough, especially if you add accessories, to make it difficult to move easily once you have it in position.

Keep in mind that the PR-4000 is also very tall, coming in at around 93” in height. At almost eight feet tall, it may not fit in all rooms, depending upon the age and style of your home. Therefore, we recommend taking measurements of your available space before ordering any squat rack.

We found the PR-4000 to be a very safe option as far as squat racks go. The company used solid steel and 1” spacing throughout a lot of the design, allowing you to place your safeties carefully, preventing accidents that could cause injuries.

The PR-4000 represents a good value, even for its relatively higher price. It allows you to perform many different exercises and customize the rack’s design in a way that less expensive options frequently do not support.

Additionally, the company has a reputation for providing excellent customer service throughout the ordering process. They even handle warranty issues quickly and easily, which many people appreciate if they rely on their squat rack for day-to-day use.

You get up to eight options for colors when you order a PR-4000, allowing you to customize the equipment to match your tastes. These color options provide further customization and make the squat rack feel like it’s yours.

The PR-4000 also comes equipped with some accessories, allowing you to begin working out before you make any decisions regarding extra pieces. For example, it comes with a pull-up bar, J-cups, and pin safeties. In addition, you can easily add strap safeties or a dip bar.

The company even offers a multi-grip pull-up bar to replace the option that comes automatically with the squat rack. This multi-grip option helps you work more muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back by approaching the exercise from different angles.

Customer reviews and feedback from fitness professionals paint the PR-4000 in a positive light. The equipment has relatively few drawbacks, primarily focused on the lack of strap safeties in the base model. However, it represents a solid choice for your fitness needs for the most part.

 We only recommend that you consider cost and available space before purchasing the PR-4000 as a squat rack option.

  • Warranty. The PR-4000 comes with a lifetime warranty for parts. You can easily reach out to the company if a component fails to get a replacement, allowing you to return to exercising quickly. The company also has a reputation for solid customer service when you contact them about the warranty.
  • Price for Equipment. Power racks can cost a lot more than squat stands, something you should factor into your purchasing decision. A PR-4000 can run you around $1,200 if you make a purchase when the product isn’t on sale. However, it does offer you a wide variety of exercise options.
  • Size. The PR-4000 has a relatively small starting footprint of 41” by 47”. However, many power rack owners decide to add to the base, adding significantly to their equipment. Some of the most common accessories include the following:
    •     Front stabilizer (26 additional inches in length)
    •     Rear base stabilizer (10 additional inches in length)
    •     Low row/Lat row (27 additional inches in depth and three additional inches in height)
    •     Weight storage (19 additional inches in length)

Keep these additions in mind if you consider a power rack. The benefits of a power rack include the ability to add all these accessories, but they make the equipment much larger.

  • Exercises. Thanks to the front and rear stabilizer options on the PR-4000, you can use it for several activities. The accessories you choose for your power rack determine how you can use this equipment, making it difficult to provide a specific list.
  • Customization. You can customize the height of the PR-4000 easily, and accessories also allow you to customize the depth of the equipment. When you order the kit, you even have the chance to choose between several color options.


#4: Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

Are you looking for a power rack that provides you with customization options at a much lower cost? In this situation, you might want to consider the MyRack Modular Power Rack offered by Force USA.

Force USA manages to keep the cost relatively low for MyRack equipment by using thinner steel for the overall construction. Additionally, the company paints on the whole numbers instead of engraving them into the steel to reduce production costs further.

However, you have to buy all the attachments you want separately to make the price for the base model less expensive. You do have 20 options to choose from with this piece of equipment, including:

  •     Cable crossovers
  •     Cable attachments
  •     J-hooks
  •     Safeties
  •     Chin-up bars

Selecting the attachments you want allows you to personalize your experience while keeping your costs relatively low. You can also spread out your purchases, buying one or two attachments at a time until you have all the equipment that you want.

Despite the relatively low cost, the MyRack equipment offers you an impressive amount of stability. It can hold up to 2,000 pounds, thanks to the arrangement of upper and lower braces used by Force USA. However, you should know that the equipment does sway slightly when you rack weight onto it.

You can increase the stability of your MyRack equipment by bolting it to the ground. We generally recommend that you bolt any squat rack into place, just for the sake of safety. However, you can leave it unbolted if you wish.

You also have the option to purchase plate holders. You can use these holders to weigh down the MyRack equipment, giving it additional stability when you work out.

Even the base MyRack model comes with several appealing features for the home gym enthusiast. Each piece of equipment comes with a chin-up bar, lat pulldown seat, monolift, and more. You can mix and match the attachments you want by working from these basic options.

Force USA uses laser cutting to construct the MyRack equipment, along with wielding performed with robotic technology. This state-of-the-art technology allows the company to produce products with a lot of stability and reliability.

We find that MyRack models hold up well, even through heavy use and over an extended period. While some cheaper models wear down and start to fail after you use them for a while, the MyRack equipment stood up to the test of time. 

Additionally, the company’s warranty allows you to replace any parts and pieces that happen to break during your workout sessions. These features can help you feel more confident about purchasing a less expensive squat rack for your home gym needs.

The MyRack equipment comes with over 50 adjustment points, making it easy for you to adjust during a workout. These adjustment points also help if you have multiple people in your home who plan to use the equipment.

Everyone who shares the equipment can easily make changes and adjustments, getting what they want from their workout. You may add a MyBench to your purchase when you shop from Force USA. The bench fits in with your squat rack, allowing you to perform more exercises with this piece of equipment. 

The MyRack equipment uses 12-gauge steel, which is not as thick as the 11-gauge steel used by many of the other options on our list. However, braces throughout the equipment provide it with increased stability, holding up to 2,000 pounds without any issue.

The base MyRack model weighs about 180 pounds when it ships, something you should factor into your decision before making your purchase. It can fit in most residential buildings, allowing you to get the workout you want from home, even if you do not have a specially designed gym space. 

Like most squat racks – and other pieces of large gym equipment – the MyRack system does not come assembled. Instead, you have to put it together once it reaches your home. Typically, the instructions provide clear directions for each step of the assembly process.

Once you have the MyRack equipment assembled, decide whether you want to bolt it into place or add weights to keep it from wobbling. After taking this final step, you can begin your first workout on your new squat rack.

You can learn more about squat racks in this price range by reaching out to our team members for help. We take your needs seriously and help you focus on the best exercise equipment for your needs and your space.

  • Warranty. You get a lifetime warranty when you order a MyRack model from Force USA. The lifetime warranty helps you get replacement parts if any part of the power rack fails you. However, we found the MyRack system surprisingly sturdy for a cost-conscious model. 
  • Price for Equipment. The MyRack model represents one of the least expensive options on our list of the seven best squat racks. You can often find this equipment for sale for under $400, meaning it costs around a third of what you’d pay for some of the larger models.
  • Size. The MyRack model has the following specifications:
    •     Height: 87 inches
    •     Width: 47 inches
    •     Depth: 55 inches

Therefore, despite its lower price point, it still represents a substantially sized piece of equipment. Make sure that you consider the space you have available before making your purchase.

  • Exercises. The base MyRack model offers you the functionality to perform deadlifts, squats, and even bench presses. You may also add attachments to the equipment to increase its functionality. For example, you could add dip handles or a chin-up bar to perform more exercises.
  • Customization. The MyRack Modular Power Rack offers you a high degree of customization, especially for a relatively low-cost piece of equipment. For example, Force USA provides you with 20 different options for attachments and three choices for color: black, blue, and red.

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#5: Rogue HR-2 Half Rack 

Squat racks come in so many different options for size and price. You can go for everything from a relatively simple squat stand to a very complex power rack. A half-rack fits between these two options – it’s more complex than a squat stand but not quite as large as a power rack.

Rogue makes our favorite half-rack, the HR-2. This half-rack takes the basic structure of a squat stand and then adds a few additional features, like two more uprights and plate storage pins. These additional features significantly boost the functionality of the half rack while also increasing the price. 

We found the HR-2 Half Rack to be incredibly stable. Rogue used 2” x 3” steel through most of the upright portion of this half rack. However, the company switched to 3” x 3” steel for the base, adding increased stability to the equipment.

The half rack’s stability means that you can usually get away with not bolting this model to the floor. However, you can always increase the safety of your home gym by taking the extra time to bolt it into place. So, keep this factor in mind when making your choice.

The HR-2 comes with only one pull-up bar, and it has a skinny design. Many people find it easier to grip this kind of bar. We also found that we had enough space between the pull-up bar and the back of the half rack to complete the exercise easier.

We understand that some home gym owners feel a little nervous about the 2” by 3” upright steel. While we prefer 3” by 3” steel for our squat racks, the HR-2 remains stable and performs well even under heavy stress. Rogue stuck to 11-gauge steel throughout the HR-2.

While the steel remains in good condition on the HR-2 even after extensive use, we have heard reports that the paint over the frame sustains damage easily. You could end up scratching it while racking weights or using the equipment.

Damage to the paint does not diminish the effectiveness of the HR-2 as work-out equipment. However, it may bother you if you want the equipment to look like it’s in excellent condition. If you want a piece of equipment that handles rough handling better, you might want to consider a different option.

 Rogue also charges extra if you want to purchase pin safeties. We value appropriate safety equipment for any squat rack that you purchase. Ensure you have all the necessary safety gear before you begin using your HR-2 half rack.

The HR-2 can hold around 1,000 pounds, giving it a smaller weight capacity than most power racks. However, it also takes up less overall space than a power rack, despite having a similar footprint. So, the choice here really depends upon your personal preferences.

We appreciated the storage pins included in the HR-2, making it easy for you to store your plates. Keeping them up off the floor allows you to conserve space in your workout area. It also keeps them in easy reach when you’re ready to go through a set.

Rogue used Westside spacing on the HR-2 models, allowing you to make fine adjustments to the placement of your spotter's arms. You can make changes as small as one inch to get the perfect space for your workouts.

Half racks are a great option if you have limited space in your home work-out area but want functionality beyond what you can get from a squat stand. In addition, they aren’t as bulky, making them a solid option to conserve limited real estate.

However, the HR-2 doesn’t come cheap, especially if you add accessories and other options. For example, you may decide to convert a squat stand into a half rack instead of buying the HR-2 directly. You can speak with exercise professionals about the best way to get the equipment that meets your unique needs.

Find out more by reaching out to us today.

  • Warranty. Rogue offers a lifetime warranty on the HR-2 Half Rack model, allowing you to replace any parts that break while you’re using the equipment. Rogue has a solid reputation for its customer service, allowing you to feel confident about getting help when you need it.
  • Price for Equipment. The HR-2 often costs around $700 for a base model. However, you may end up paying more if you add accessories or safety options to your order. For example, Rogue does not include pin safeties in the base price for an HR-2 Half Rack. 

If you’re considering options to save money on a half-rack, you may want to consider purchasing one of Rogue’s less expensive squat stands from the Monster Lite Series. Rogue sells conversion kits for around $250 that allows you to change these squat stands into a half-rack, saving you money.

  • Size. The Rogue HR-2 Half Rack has a footprint of 49” by 48”. Therefore, it takes up roughly the same amount of floor space as many of the other squat racks on our list but with less upright material than the power rack options.

You can customize the height of the HR-2, allowing you some freedom with the way you want to use the space in your exercise room. Out of the box, it stands around 92” and weighs approximately 255 pounds.

  • Exercises. The HR-2 model comes with functionality for several exercises, including pull-ups and squats. In addition, it has a single pull-up bar that functions well even if you do not have the equipment bolted into place on your floor.

Depending upon the additional accessories you add to the equipment, you may be able to use it during other portions of your work-out, as well.

  • Customization. You have the option to customize your HR-2 Half Rack in several ways. For example, you can choose different heights for your uprights, adjusting the overall height of the equipment. You can also order accessories to add to the equipment, giving you more workout options.


#6: Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack

Are you interested in the idea of a half rack but not sold on the HR-2 model? Then, you might want to consider the highly versatile Rogue Monster Collegiate Half Rack. This piece of equipment gives you many options for your work-outs, making it a popular choice for many home-work-out fans. 

The Monster Collegiate Half Rack provides you with many options that you won’t find from other pieces of equipment. First of all, you can either buy it in a single-rack form or as a double-rack, allowing you to personalize your experience right away.

The Half Rack works well with various Monster attachments as produced by Rogue, which further your options for customization. In addition, you can select the accessories you want to add to the half-rack, ensuring that it provides the performance you want.

We found the Monster Collegiate Half Rack tough enough to handle even heavy use during a workout. It can hold up to 1,500 pounds, making it a solid choice for anyone interested in building up their home gym. In addition, it works well even for taller individuals looking for work-out equipment. 

Rogue used 3” by 3” steel throughout the Collegiate Half Rack, leading to increased stability. The company also selected 11-gauge steel and finished with it a black powder coat.

Some squat racks end up damaged during use, especially as you rack on weights. This activity can damage the paint and appearance of the rack. The black powder coating helps you avoid this issue, as it can withstand a lot of abuse without a noticeable effect.

However, the price point is a little high for the Monster Collegiate Half Rack. It costs as much as many power racks without providing all of the same features. Depending upon your personal goals, you may decide to stick to a less expensive half rack or pay a little extra for a power rack.

Despite the higher price point, the Monster Collegiate Half Rack doesn’t come with some of the safety features we’d expect. For example, you have to purchase the spotter arms separately if you want to use these safety aids while bench pressing.

We highly encourage you to have spotter arms before you bench press in any situation, not just with the Monster Collegiate Half Rack. Bench pressing any weight without safety precautions in place could lead to a serious accident.

In addition to not coming with spotter's arms, you should know that the Monster Collegiate Half Rack does not feature Westside hold spacing. Many squat rack manufacturers have embraced this form of spacing as an industry standard because it provides a greater degree of safety.

Westside hold spacing reduced the amount of space between holes for the spotter's arms. Therefore, they give you greater control over the placement of your spotter's arms, reducing the odds of a dangerous accident. Consider all of these factors before you make your decision.

While you have to purchase your spotter's arms separately, the Monster Collegiate Half Rack does come with several accessories with purchase, including:

  • Four band pegs
  • Two J-cups
  • Eight pins for plate storage
  • A pull-up bar

You have the option to upgrade your pull-up bar at the time of your purchase. You may also upgrade the J-cups to sandwich cups if you prefer this option. These options make it even easier to customize your squat rack to fit your specific needs.

You do not have to bolt the Monster Collegiate Half Rack into place before using it, though that option remains available to you if you want increased stability. Putting weights on the plate storage pins helps increase the stability of the equipment without bolting it into place.

The plate storage pins also help you keep your workspace orderly. We recommend arranging your plates for ease of use and putting them back when you finish your workout to avoid tripping over them, especially if you keep your half-rack in a well-traveled area.

Rogue has a reputation for producing high-quality home gym equipment, and we find that the Monster Collegiate Half Rack lives up to that expectation. As a result, you can feel confident when purchasing this half rack, which is essential considering its relatively high price point.

You can easily set up the half rack in your garage or another exercise area. It does weigh quite a bit, so think about where you want to put it before setting it up completely. You may have difficulty moving it once you have it entirely in place. 

  • Warranty. Rogue’s lifetime warranty applies to the Monster Collegiate Half Rack. You can feel confident when you purchase this equipment, both from the warranty and Rogue’s reputation for producing high-quality work-out equipment. 
  • Price for Equipment. The price for the Collegiate Half Rack varies depending upon the model you get and the accessories you select. However, we’ve found many models that cost around $1,500, and in some situations, the cost far exceeds this amount.
  • Size. The Monster Collegiate Half Rack has a slightly larger footprint than many pieces on our list, coming in at 62” by 53”. The large footprint gives you room to place a bench inside the legs of the rack to allow for bench pressing or other exercises.

The total height of the unit can reach 100” on the front uprights. The back uprights are usually a little shorter, generally measuring 90”. However, keep the height of the front uprights in mind when you determine if you can use this equipment or not.

  • Exercises. The Monster Collegiate Half Rack works well if you want to do squats or pull-ups. Some people also use it to bench press. You may use it for additional exercises, depending upon the specific accessories you decide to purchase.
  • Customization. You have many options when it comes to customizing the Collegiate Half Rack. It’s compatible with all Monster accessories and attachments produced by Rogue, ensuring that you have extensive opportunities to personalize your equipment.


#7: PRx Performance Profile Rack 

Finally, what if all the options we’ve discussed so far just don’t work for you due to space constraints? Large squat racks sometimes just won’t work when stocking a home gym. In this situation, you can turn to the PRx Performance Profile Rack. 

Before discussing anything else about the PRx Performance Profile Rack, we should touch on the hydraulic system. There are many different options on the market for fold-away squat racks. Unfortunately, most of them never work correctly because folding them up takes too much effort. 

These racks end up becoming full-time stand-up racks, which still offer you fewer options for customization and accessories than standard squat racks. The PRx Performance Profile Rack breaks this tradition.

PRx uses a hydraulic system that allows you to easily fold up the rack when you’re done using it. As a result, you don’t have to lift the weight of it yourself or work with a swing system to get it folded away. Instead, the hydraulics do the hard work for you, making post-workout cleanup very easy.

We found the hydraulic system easy to use and incredibly convenient. For this reason alone, the PRx Performance Profile Rack deserves your consideration when you consider squat racks. However, if you have no reason to fold your rack away, you may want to consider a cheaper piece of equipment.

The PRx Performance Profile Rack offers you a lot in the way of convenience. However, there are trade-offs for the fold-away capability. For example, the Profile Rack only holds around 600 pounds, making it one of the least durable options on our list.

However, it does come with multiple options for pull-up bars. For example, you can select a model without any pull-up bar, one with a standard bar, or one with a kipping pull-up bar, allowing you to further customize your work-out designs.

We recommend the kipping pull-up bar, as it gives you more options, supporting greater versatility during your work-outs. Many people worry about stability when doing kipping pull-ups. We found the PRx Rack very sturdy, even though it does not secure directly to the floor.

PRx used 2” by 3” steel for the standard rack. However, you can get a Pro version of the rack that comes with 3” by 3” steel if you want an option with increased stability. The Pro version also has laser-cut numbers, giving it a sharper appearance. These factors may influence your purchasing decision. Keep in mind that the Pro version of the PRx Rack costs significantly more than the standard options.

You can use spotter arms with the PRx Rack, making it possible to do bench press using the rack. The spotter's arms take an impressive amount of weight, which we value when considering options for bench pressing.

However, the PRx Rack does not use Westside spacing. Instead, the company employs 2” hole spacing, even in the bench pressing section. This choice makes the PRx Rack less than ideal for bench pressing as it’s challenging to get the spotter arms in the correct position.

Generally, we recommend the PRx Rack if you want a chance to use a squat rack but simply do not have enough space for a free-standing rack. The fold-away technology developed by PRx works very well, blowing away much of the competition and making it easy for you to open or close the rack. 

While the PRx Rack stands around 90”, you can place it against almost any surface for easy stowing away. For example, you can easily use this rack in your garage and then put it away when you need to park your car, preventing many of the issues with space that is commonly associated with setting up a home gym.

We focused on assessing the hydraulic system extensively during our review of the PRx Rack and were very pleased by what we found. Compared to other fold-up technology, the PRx system makes it easy for you to use the system.

If you are worried about struggling to fold it up, we report no issues or challenges. It worked as advertised, and the rack performed well during exercise trials. The only thing really working against the PRx Rack is the price point.

However, if you need the extra space and functionality offered by a fold-up squat rack, we can’t recommend a better option than the PRx Rack. It provides you with the functionality you want from workout equipment along with the patented fold-away technology. 

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  • Warranty. PRx offers a lifetime warranty for defective Performance Profile Racks. Therefore, you could get a replacement part or equipment in some situations. However, there are several restrictions to consider with this warranty.
  • Price for Equipment. You can expect to pay around $900 for the PRx Performance Profile Rack. Considering the relative size of the rack, this may seem like a high price point. However, most of the cost considerations go to the hydraulic system used to fold the rack up.
  • Size. When in use, the PRx Performance Profile Rack has a footprint of 22” by 42,” and it stands about 90” in height. However, it does fold up and out of the way, allowing you to reclaim the space it uses when you aren’t working out.
  • Exercises. The PRx Performance Profile Rack offers somewhat limited choices for exercises. However, it works well for squats, and you can select a pull-up bar when you order, giving you the option to increase its functionality.
  • Customization. You have a few customization options when considering the PRx Performance Profile Rack. You can select models with or without pull-up bars, for example. However, PRx offers limited extra features for this model in exchange for its fold-up capabilities.


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