Personal Trainer Job in Dallas, TX

Posted 5/3
Crystal's goal is weight loss

Crystal's goal is weight loss

Crystal is a year old looking for a weight loss trainer who is willing to meet [""].

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Crystal G.
Dallas, TX
Weight Loss
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Additional Job Information

  • Apply to become a personal trainer to help this client, and other clients, in your local area.
  • Create individualized training programs consistent with each clients' personal training and exercise goals.
  • Advise clients on ways to improve their fitness outside of private sessions, which could include but is not limited to, meal plans and supplemental exercises.
  • Set your own hours.Spend more time training and less time on marketing, scheduling, and billing.
  • Set your own rate (most trainers charge between $35-70/hour).


  • A passion for fitness and helping others.
  • Current certification from a nationally recognized certifying body or comparable experience.
  • Experience developing successful fitness programs for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Outstanding communication skills.