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Steve C.

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About Me


Are you afraid to go to the gym because you think people might laugh at you?

Or are you spending hours looking at Youtube videos every single week and practice in the gym, but getting little results?

Are you worn-out from being told that you need to eat 5 healthy meals a day, workout, and do cardio if you ever want to get that a six pack, big chest, or ripped body?

Or are you confused with new diet/training programs hitting the internet every other day making you really lost on whether you're doing the right thing?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place…

In the next 3 mins, you'll find out WHY you've been lied to and learn WHAT you'll need to do to finally getting that 15 pounds of muscle you've always dreamed of.

The truth is, and this might sound hard to believe, 75% of guys in the US are now considered overweight, so how are they telling you what you need to do in order to get into shape?

Look man,

I’ve been where you’ve been …and trust me it sucks.

It's really, really not a fun place to be.

You’ve been trying to get into shape for 1-2 years, maybe more.

You want to get better; you want to go to the bars and feel confident talking to others

You want to go to an EDM concert and look good in a tank top

Deep down you want to build a body that makes you feel happy and secure

A body that would impress everyone around you

A body that your mom, dad, family, friends, or your significant other respect, compliment, and tell others about.

Maybe you just want to stop being that "guy" whom no one talks to at the bars

Or maybe, you’re just looking for a sense of security so that you can ask your crush out for a fancy 5-course french dinner

Whatever your reasons are, you’re still stuck.

I'm sure similar to a lot of young guys like you, you’ve done your homework, read a lot of online articles, picked up a tip or two from a trainer at your local gym, and been hitting the gym too

But it's been a few months or years, and you still look the same, or not as good as hoped you'd look like

Sure, you may have gotten some results: like a few inches on your arms, a little more muscle on your chest, or a bit less fat on your belly. But your friends still aren't noticing any changes on you, you still aren't 100% confident to go to a bar and ask someone out, the results are just not where you think they should be.

You keep repeating the same tactics, asking the same local trainer for tips, quick fixes, or the "best food to eat to get XX"... but you are just stuck.

Once you reach this stage, you really start to doubt yourself.

You really start to think if you’re doing the right thing.

Every time you ask yourself that questions, your energy and your confidence die a bit inside you.

Then you see your friend Kevin on Instagram looking more shredded each day following a paleo diet, so you decided to not eat any carbs.

You see ripped guys eating pop tarts and ice cream on Facebook and wondering if you should try that too

But hey, believe me when I tell you that there're 4 things you want to understand today.

I was on the EXACTLY same boat.

I was lost and confused by hundreds of diet protocols, training exercises, etc...

You are struggling but it isn't your fault.

The fitness industry is filled with marketing tactics that are meant to confuse you and get your buy-in.

They created a million fancy diets, exercises, or training protocols for one simple motive.

(read on only if you're ready for the ugly truth...)

They don't want you to succeed.

Yup, it's hard to believe for me too.

Why tho?

Because they make their cash by constantly making you feel that you need to re-up their supplements.

If you get results, they won't be able to sell to you anymore, right?

They are smart enough to get you small results but keep you paying for their products and leaving you with some problem or pain each time.

That's why I am not a huge fan of the supplement industry or commercial personal trainers.

Because I was a victim too.

I was in LA back in 2013 when I decided to get into shape. I remember that day I signed up for a gym, I paid $900 for 10 sessions with a local trainer, bought $400 worth of supplements and looked up Youtube videos all night.

I followed everything I was told.

But I felt cheated, as I didn't get the results I hoped I would get.

I was at a very low point of my life, and I HAD to find what works to get my confidence back and my body on track.

I realized the 4 main reasons that made me fail miserably:

1. I kept consuming information and lacked action

Doctor Google can answer any question in a matter of seconds, but your best friend Joe-the-couch-potato never seem to finish his New Year's resolution of losing his belly fat.

We have so much information at any given point, it's hard to put the focus on the things that matter to us.

I was giving my attention to the wrong things and forgot to focus on what mattered to me.

2. I started with an overhaul instead of making small changes

I started my training with a complete overhaul, but then I fell off the wagon very very quickly.

You see, signing up for training is a very awesome thing, but it dies quickly after a week or two, especially if you're comparing yourself with your friends, co-workers, or even worse, Instagram posts...

3. Cardio

I wanted to build muscle but lose fat at the same time, so I did way too much cardio and forgot to put focus on what's important - strength.

4. A lack of strength training

I've spent a lot of money on personal trainers in the past, but they all tried to get me sore so I could "feel" the workout.

Now that I look back, they failed to help me develop my strength. Strength training is something a lot of trainers shy away from, yet it is the absolute best thing in building muscle, boosting metabolism and speed up fat loss.

I made sure to incorporate strength training into my program last year when I helped over 100 guys put on their first 25 pounds of muscle.

You see, the BEST way to not get overwhelmed is to have a program that works for ME specifically.

So I ditched those workout templates and magazine guides and never looked back.

Now I want to help you step-by-step to get results the same way I helped myself and the 173 guys last year (of course I counted ALL of them!)

Here’s what you’re going to get and why this will change your game in every way possible:

1. Your 100% tailor-made training routine and nutrition plan

You probably hear the word "customized" from ALL the trainers you talk to. But that is just an empty promise to get you into something that don't matt

With us, you’ll have a true sense of 1:1 training based on your individual goals, needs, training style, schedule, and workout preferences.

You'll also be able to plan your nutrition based on your own needs. This is not a "bonus" offer like other trainers call it, this is a must - How fast you gain muscle very much depends on your unique caloric intake level. We'll help you manage your eating so you could get your results fast.

2. A Private Coach

After determining where you are and where you want to be, we'll have a dedicated coach to work with you 1:1 in and out of the gym.

Remember, you can't expect to change your life if you don't change the environment around you first.

This 1-1 coaching program will provide you an exciting environment to hold you accountable and consistent.

Hey man, I know you just need that extra push to start changing your life, your happiness, and your relationships. This community is filled with people like yourself who are on their way to becoming a better version of themselves.

The good vibe is contagious.

You’ll receive my personal step-by-step guidance, as well the community at your fingertips at any time to answer any question, struggles or share your accomplishments. You will push beyond your limits and get to your goals.

3. Progression and Weekly Feedback

Many "personal trainers" start off with a training plan and a nutrition program, but it doesn't change from there.

That frustrates me.

That is why we've developed a short term + long term roadmap for you to keep you progress consistently.

As you progress, we'll measure and update your:

Bodyfat %
Lean muscle %
Cardio performance

4. First-hand Access to My Fit Regimen Blog Posts

My fitness blog My Fit Regimen has a ton of valuable information, from how to best perform a squat to how to choose the protein powder best suited for you... You'll be the first to learn before the rest of the online community does

But don’t just take it from me, see what other’s experience with this program has been.

Lastly, this coaching opportunity is limited.

Because of the amount of 1:1 time required to give you the best results you’re ready for, our coaches put a lot of time and work into each one of you.

So It’s physically impossible for our coaches to take on more than a handful of clients each time.

Also, there's already a waitlist of people requesting 1:1 training.

But I want to award you today for taking massive action. Here's what you need to do,

Fill our this form:

Once you fill out the form, you'll be directed to next steps.

See you soon!


  • Aerobics
  • Bodybuilding
  • High Intensity
  • Kettlebell
  • Personal Training
  • Resistance

I Can Help You Accomplish:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Endurance Training
  • Body Building
  • Nutrition

What to Expect

Depending on your level, we will focus on three types of training sessions:

1. Range Of Motion/Mobility/Flexibility/Postural Corrections
2. Strength Training
3.Aerobic Training (HIIT Cardio)

In a typical strength training session, for example, you will start out with 5-10 minutes stretching. From there we will perform several weight-based workouts.

Client Success Story

Danny was 5'11 and 158 pounds when he first came to me. His goal was to increase muscle mass, know what foods to eat and get stronger.

Danny works as a software engineer so he is very busy, and I designed a flexible meal plan so he can have a consistent eating routine. We used to train twice a week when our focus was his muscle imbalances and postural issues. Now we are training three times a week since we have transitioned into a more strength/hypertrophy focused stage. Danny weighs 177 pounds (he gained over 20 pounds of muscle and lost fat mass) after 8 months of consistent training,

It's really funny because at first Danny absolutely hated our cardio sessions (HIIT training), but now he refuses to do any cardio other than HIIT training. I have a lot of fun working with him because we established a great training routine. Plus, 20 pounds of lean mass in 8 months, that's pretty awesome.

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  • Steve Chen
  • 1011 Kearny Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94133

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I needed help with my workout routine and I was tired of googling different fitness plans or looking up youtube videos. I tried different stuff and even worked with trainers in my gym but I couldn't gain muscle consistently.

Now I'm working with Steve and he gave me that guidance and accountability I needed.

Also as someone who has struggled with being skinny growing up, Steve has helped me with my confidence and to better understand training and nutrition. He doesn't just tell me to do stuff, he explains why we do them and that makes me feel great because now I'm constantly learning new things!

Ross M. - April 27, 2016