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Stanley P.

Boston, MA (2 locations)

  • Years Training: 20
  • Trains:
  • Kids, Adults, Seniors
Sessions Starting at $50/hr
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About Me

Hello, my name is Stanley and, believe it or not, I used to be a history teacher! However, not too long ago I discovered I was borderline overweight with dangerously high cholesterol levels. I loved to exercise, but unfortunately I was sidelined by a concussion that I sustained during a car accident. So there I was...stuck in a sedentary lifestyle (eating irresponsibly I might add), and facing a health crisis.

Fortunately, I found a personal trainer who helped me change my diet, and exercise routine so I could lose the weight needed to lower my cholesterol and avoid taking prescription medication. Inspired by this experience, I studied for and obtained my PFT certification through the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association.

Thankfully I was able to transfer my love of teaching into the fitness field. Whether I’m working with a mother after having her baby, a client who has been cleared to exercise after surgery, or someone who just wants to have fun with being active… I really enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives.


  • Bodybuilding
  • Boot Camp
  • Boxing
  • Cardio
  • Circuit Training
  • Core
  • Martial Arts
  • Personal Training
  • TRX

I Can Help You Accomplish:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Nutrition

What to Expect

In a typical session we will stretch out first and discuss how you feel and if there is anything in particular I should focus on that day. This gives me an opportunity to modify my training plan if necessary to accommodate any changes in the your health or fitness goals. Following this initial check-in we will exercise according to a carefully thought out plan. At the beginning of each circuit, I will demonstrate the exercises until you understand enough to repeat independently.

During our exercise time my eyes never leave you as I am assessing your general body alignment, and your breathing. You will hear me giving constant encouragement, providing suggestions to improve technique, and answering questions you might have. At the end, we will perform some static stretches to help your muscles recover faster in between sessions. My current clients indicate that our sessions help them break out a good sweat, and they feel their muscles receive a great work out. I expect the same to happen when I exercise with you!

Client Success Story

"I need to give big, big props and profound gratitude to Stanley Porter for changing my life. My work with him over the last seven months has reconnected me with my deepest, strongest self, not only because of his brilliance in understanding how to train, but because of the care and commitment to the transformation of the person." - Lucia Colombaro, Triathlete

Training Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Pagel Field
  • 345 Hyde Park Ave
  • Boston, MA 02131
  • B.C.Y.F. Roslindale
  • 6 Cummins Highway
  • Boston, MA 02131
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Client Feedback

I have worked out with Stanley for 90 days and already lost 10 lbs and 3% body fat. I am grateful that he got me back into shape after more than 5 years of no exercise. Im stronger, more limber and my stomach is flatter. I feel better, look better in clothes, and have more energy. I have also noticed my mind is clearer and I feel great overall. I cant say enough about the results or about Stanley for being so professional, such a good motivator and for his thoughtful selection of exercises for our workout sessions to target exactly my needs. He also helped me reach my short term weight loss goal by discussing my eating habits and setting goals. These results have positively changed my life at work, home and leisure. Robert, 42 years old

Robert A. - October 5, 2016