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Robert Z.

Franklin Park, NJ (1 location)

  • Years Training: 20
  • Trains:
  • Kids, Adults
Sessions Starting at $43/hr
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About Me

Hello, my name is Rob and I cannot wait to get to know you and accomplish your goals together. I have been training for 20 years now, both competitively and just to keep in shape. I have also created and ran strength and conditioning programs for the high school football teams I have coached for. Plus, I continuously work with friends and family on weight loss, lean muscle gain, fat burning and overall physical fitness goals.


  • Resistance
  • High Intensity
  • Athletic Performance

I Can Help You Accomplish:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Body Building

What to Expect

The training session will always be different than the one prior to it. Plus, each training session will be diversified in relation to your fitness goals. As we go along in the session, I will explain the methodology behind each exercise and session so you will build up your knowledge, so you will become your own fitness advocate.

A typical session will include the following: A. Various styles of warming up/get the blood pumping B. weights/resistance training (number of reps and pace will change each session and depend on fitness goals) C. High Intensity Interval Cardio/Core Work D. Dynamic/Static Stretching

Client Success Story

I have been very happy to help many student-athletes obtain the body and strength and conditioning needed to succeed in their sport. This has ultimately lead to them earning recognition from different media outlets, peers, opposing coaches, and scholarships to continue playing their respective sports and most importantly their education.

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  • Will Travel To Client Or Park
  • Up To 20 Around Franklin Park
  • , NJ 08823