About Me

I am a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, toning, and endurance training, I have been involved in the Health & Fitness industry for over 5 years now.
I currently am studying at the University Of Chicago pursuing a degree in Biology, with the goal of eventually working in pediatrics

Unlike a lot of trainers, I am very open when it comes to where I train my clients.( I primarily set sessions up at gyms, a clients home, park trails, etc)

What to Expect

You can expect to be pushed to your limits, and you will learn just how strong you are physically and mentally.

I am constantly changing the scenery when I work with clients it seems to help individuals push past their mental barriers and 9 times out of ten 10 they achieve greater results than they expected.

Client Success Story

I took on my first client in 2012, not only was he my first client, but he till this day was the one who had the biggest impact on me!

When we met he was 33 years old, sitting at 382 Lbs. Being only 5'7 it was getting to the point where he couldn't even walk a few feet without getting winded!
We started out with doing some general mobility work, high-rep weight lifting, and low intensity cardio.

I took on this approach with him because I believe that high-rep weightlifting can be just as if not more taxing then steady rate cardio!

We did this routine for 2 months, at which point he had dropped down to 342 Lbs ( A lot of it being water weight obviously) )! At this point we started incorporating interval jogging 1 minute on, 2 minutes off. Until he was able to sustain that for 25 minutes! We then gradually increased/decreased interval times, over a 6 month period he was at 5 minutes on and 1.5 minutes off!

That may not seem like a huge difference but at the end of this 6 months he was at 305Lbs. We continued working together for 1 year after his 305 weigh in, and at the end of his journey his final weigh in was 223Lbs.

Seeing someone go from practically bed bound, to having goals of competing in a Triathlon was the most inspiring thing one could ever witness, and I'm glad that I could be a part of it!


  • Calisthenics
  • Circuit Training
  • Core
  • Endurance Training
  • Marathon Training
  • Powerlifting
  • Strength And Conditioning
  • Trail Running
  • Triathlon

I Can Help You Accomplish

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Endurance Training
  • Body Building
  • Nutrition
  • Pre/Post Natal

Training Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Training Location

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Willing To Travel To Client
  • 15 Miles Radius
  • Schaumburg, IL 60194
  • Willing To Travel To Client
  • 15 Miles Radius
  • Rolling Mdws, IL 60008
  • Willing To Travel To Client
  • 15 Miles Radius
  • Skokie, IL 60077
  • Willing To Travel To Client
  • 15 Miles Radius
  • Mount Prospect, IL 60056
  • Willing To Travel To Client
  • 15 Miles Radius
  • Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
  • Willing To Travel To Client
  • 15 Miles Radius
  • Cary, IL 60013

  I can travel within 70 miles of zip code 60195

General Availability

Sunday 6am - 10pm
Monday 6am - 10pm
Tuesday 6am - 10pm
Wednesday 6am - 10pm
Thursday 6am - 10pm
Friday 6am - 10pm
Saturday 6am - 10pm

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Client Feedback

Brad K.

Justin and I started working together in June of 2016, I was roughly 70 lbs overweight and just coming off of an ankle injury.

At the beginning of our sessions I was honestly at the lowest point in my life, I previously had been competing in Iron Man races, so the weight gain just killed me mentally and physically.

Over the course of an initial 6 month period, Justin not only motivated me but truthfully inspired me to recover from my injury, and get back into the groove of running countless miles a day.

Honestly, if it wasn't for him believing in me and showing up to my house if I tried to blow off a session (grateful for it now ), I may have never made a come back like I am today.

Love working with this guy, and will be for the foreseeable future

April 9, 2018 • Verified
Kathrine D.

I started working with Justin on Jan 2, 2018 with the goal of training for my first marathon. I arrived lacking overall motivation, strength and flexibility. Within the first three months, my mind became more focused, my strength increased tenfold, and my lack of flexibility became nonexistent. To this day, I find myself waking up energized, ready for another session. Justin is extremely knowledgeable in what he does, and no two workouts are exactly the same with him. He's extremely professional, and I look forward to the months to come!

March 19, 2018 • Verified

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