About Me

My name is John and I am the owner and operator of Costa Health and Fitness, a Christian family man, a Marine Corps Combat Veteran and a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer. The purpose of my personal training business is to help you earn total health and wellness, learning how to treat your body as a temple. I will teach, and help develop in you, the mentality Marines learn in boot camp- to WILL yourself beyond what your mind tells your body it can do. We will build your mental fortitude to break down those psychological barriers that have kept you stuck. Through my programs, we will chose an event, a 5K, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, whatever you’ve always said you wanted to do, and I will train along side you to accomplish that goal. My ultimate training goal is not only to improve your physical health, but to train you to match and exceed your own expectations in every area of your life. I want to help you accomplish your short-term fitness goals while learning how to achieve lifelong overall health and wellness.

What to Expect

In a typical training session I will push you hard. I will show you where your mind tells you that you can not continue, and work together with you to push past that barrier. My training sessions will be hard, organized and fun, while pushing you to your limit.

Client Success Story

Devin D., Austin, TX-

Being a pretty small guy (5’7” 135 lbs) I have always had the dream. The dream every guy has. Having a ripped upper body with huge gains to make myself stronger and build confidence. So I started on my journey. I looked up a plan I thought was descent on Google and started going to the gym regularly. While I gained some results, they were far more subtle than I felt I deserved, considering all the hard work and dedication I was putting in. I was frustrated but my dream always was in the forefront of my mind. Then I met an incredible trainer in Mr. Costa who really gave me the edge I needed. I learned that finding your own plan online is honestly impossible without truly having a vast understanding of kinesiology and dietetics. The reason being is you can look up a specific plan based on your goals and needs and find 100 plans that will say 100 totally different “right ways” to achieve what you want. Unfortunately, the internet is full of really terrible training advice. Also, you will never know if your doing the movements properly without a professional. After meeting with John, I showed him my hammer curls at 40 pounds. He told me I was doing them wrong and showed me the proper form.With the proper form, I could only actually do them at 25 pounds, but the pump I received in my bicep was much more significant and by doing the exercise properly, I was growing much more than lifting heavier the wrong way. And I'm now also avoiding a possible injury. He took my plan and basically said it was crap. Then rewrote my whole plan, changing exercises, rest times, rep ranges, and showed me how to properly nourish my body around my training. He taught me things like adp, protein synthesis, insulin spiking , and time under tension. Things I knew nothing about, which honestly is extremely valuable for anyone with any goals. He gave me the foundation on which I can build off of and see real results. It was hard to be skeptical. When Mr. Costa speaks, there is a confidence and you can instantly tell he is extremely knowledgeable. Not to mention within 1 week of changing my plan and nutrition guidelines, I saw results that were shocking, and am looking forward to finishing my cycle . I'm now at 163 and eager to break 170. Although I'm all about gaining muscle mass, anyone with any goals could gain a huge advantage by using Mr. Costa.


  • Bodybuilding
  • Bodyweight Training
  • High Intensity
  • Personal Training
  • Running

I Can Help You Accomplish

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Body Building

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  • Round Rock, TX 78665

  I can travel within 20 miles of zip code 78665

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Sunday 3pm - 6pm
Monday 6am - 7am and 5pm - 9pm
Tuesday 6am - 7am and 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday 6am - 7am
Thursday 6am - 7am and 5pm - 9pm
Friday 6am - 7am and 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 6am - 9pm

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