About Me

I've been a regular gym member for about 25 years. My workouts and training are mostly inspired by my own successes as well as my experiences with injuries and recovery. I am therefore compelled to analyze and correct common mistakes that most people make which, over time, result in pain, poor joint health and limited mobility. As a personal trainer, I focus on improving strength, power, coordination and posture, through functional movements and exercises closely related to and including aspects of Olympic power lifting, Pilates and calisthenics using kettle bells and a suspension trainer.

What to Expect

As a client you can expect a safe moderate to intense workout program using kettle bells, a suspension trainer and your own body weight. Injury prevention is always a priority, so we'll be sure to work on flexibility and proper form in every situation. You can also expect regular conversations about nutrition to make sure that you're doing the homework necessary to achieve your goals in a timely manner.

Client Success Story

You never know what life is gonna throw at you and at the age of 21 I was given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The doctors began to tell me how my life was going to change and all of the things I wouldn't be able to do anymore, activities that I loved, activities that I wasn't ready to give up on. So, health and self improvement became my focus. In my life changing process I began an extensive fitness regimen and continued that for several years on my own, but just wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I was killing my self working out and seeing absolutely nothing, except lots of sweat! I knew it was time to do something different and that's when I started working with Jeremy and my transformation finally began. He taught me exercises tailored specifically for me and for the first time I learned correct form in doing them. Jeremy saw and knew my potential even before I did. He gives me the push I need and confidence to succeed and reach my goals. We worked together to pin point my weaknesses and strengthen them with each session. With this new found commitment to myself, not only did I flourish physically in strength and endurance, but my hand eye coordination, balance, and focus have improved dramatically. The same doctors that suggested my life would change were right because it did change, but in the best possible way. Jeremy has taught me that there are no limits to excelling except for the ones that we place upon ourselves. Big thank you to Jeremy!


  • Bodyweight Training
  • Calisthenics
  • Core
  • Functional Training
  • Kettlebell
  • Personal Training
  • Resistance
  • Strength And Conditioning
  • Stretching
  • Suspension Training

I Can Help You Accomplish

  • Weight Loss
  • Firming And Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Aerobic Fitness

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  I can travel within 20 miles of zip code 77388

General Availability

Sunday 8am - 7pm
Monday 6am - 7am and 12pm - 8pm
Tuesday 9am - 12pm, 3pm - 6pm, and 8pm - 9pm
Wednesday 6am - 7am and 11am - 9pm
Thursday 6am - 7am, 9am - 12pm, and 3pm - 9pm
Friday 6am - 7am, 12pm - 2pm, and 3pm - 9pm
Saturday 1pm - 7pm

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Jennifer R.

I have been working with Jeremy in both a small group kettle bell fitness class (4 people) and as an individual trainer for almost 6 months. Kettle bells are on of those things that people (myself included) can find to be very intimidating. Jeremy has made it my favorite activity at the gym. Not only has he taught me good form, but I have seen more results in the past 6 months than I did working on machines and free weights previously with other trainers.
As a wife and mother of three, I appreciate the fact that he knows that my time at the gym is valuable to me and therefore he is always punctual and professional! A++

April 20, 2016 • Verified
Donna B.

I trained for several years with Jeremy before we moved. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone interested in training. He is a very knowledgeable trainer with a broad range of options for each client. He is motivated to help you achieve your goals and will keep you motivated too. I have arthritis in both knees but that wasn't a problem. Jeremy knew how to work to strengthen my knees without causing more pain. I enjoyed training with Jeremy and will resume working with him when we move back.

April 21, 2016 • Verified
Sandy M.

Jeremy has worked with my special needs adult son for 4 years and has helped my son achieve better health, better social skills and have just plain fun! Jeremy is an excellent role model for Jason and he is tireless in his effort to help Jason improve in all facets of his life. I have also trained with Jeremy and he has helped me become stronger and more agile. I'm a senior and I have been able to do more than I thought I could with Jeremy's help. Give him a chance to help you!

April 21, 2016 • Verified
Veronica J.

I was introduced to Jeremy by a fellow gym member when I asked her how she got in such great shape. I have worked closely with at least 7 other trainers (each with different areas of interest) at our gym over the past 18 months, and I consider Jeremy to be one of the best. I decided to make an appointment with him for kettleball training. At that point, I had very limited exposure to working with kettleballs, and I was somewhat appehensive about using them correctly to avoid self injury (which unfortunately I do have experience with.) Upon meeting him, his professional attitude and calm demeanor immediately put me at ease. He has a solid knowledge of body musculature and exercises and he efficiently devised a workout plan tailored to my individual abilities and goals. I've been in his weekly classes for about 6 weeks now, and I love it! During each workout I can count on him to make sure that I perform all the exercises safely, because he limits how many clients he has in each session. Jeremy's workouts are always challenging, interesting, and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who is committed, highly competent, enthusiastic and easy to work with. I am sure he will continue to successfully help a wide variety of people to get healthier.

April 21, 2016 • Verified
Jeffrey S.

Jeremy has been my personal trainer for several years. We meet twice a week for one-hour sessions. Jeremy customizes each session based upon any issues (soreness, pain) I may have that day or areas he and I have identified that need improving (e.g., weak hamstrings, under-developed upper chest). A couple of problem areas that Jeremy identified almost immediately were my poor posture (rounded back) and tendency to shrug. He was the first personal trainer to ever point out those things. We have worked very hard to address those issues and have made excellent and very noticeable progress. My wife has noticed how much my posture has improved and I actually get compliments now from strangers on my muscular and broad back. The characteristics that make Jeremy unique are the reasons I highly recommend him. Jeremy LISTENS and he CARES. He views his clients as people and not dollar signs. He is also excellent at challenging you without being over-bearing. Even though I am usually exhausted afterwards, I very much look forward to our sessions.

April 21, 2016 • Verified
Kimmey R.

Jeremy is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable about the body, the correct form to be used, and knows how to explain and model different routines. He is always patient and calm. He makes me feel comfortable even if I ask the same question 3 times. He corrects me if I am doing something wrong and shows me the right way. He has good character and truly cares about his clients and their individual progress.

April 21, 2016 • Verified
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