About Me

I am passionate about education, fitness and community service. For years, I worked training police officers, firefighters, and EMTs, creating programs that provide the best results in the smallest amount of time, and maintain physical readiness. I offer both in person sessions as well as online training and programming. I specialize in optimized training programs, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), two regimens that have been scientifically demonstrated to provide quick and lasting results.

I have worked in corporate fitness, helping large companies reduce healthcare costs by addressing employee health and wellness issues including (but not limited to) all aspects of time-/stress-management, smoking cessation, weight control, nutrition, and chronic conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) I firmly believe that a good trainer, life coach, or wellness expert must always keep in mind that behavior modification is at the root of our work. The advice I give you won't matter unless I can figure out how to motivate you to make the changes necessary to implement it.

As an NSCA certified CSCS, I worked with many private clients as well as student athletes. Duties included evaluating performance and prescribing sport specific exercises aimed at improving performance. I am proud to have worked with athletes from all of Humboldt State University's teams (D-II) including football, basketball, softball, crew, track and field, as well as powerlifters including current national record holder Diana Hernandez-Avalos (Squat and bench-press, 72kg. category).

I also have extensive experience working with older populations, creating strength programs aimed at improving balance, fall-prevention, and increasing quality of life.

As a capoeira instructor I help people gain the strength and confidence to preform acrobatic movements and defend themselves should the need arise. I also worked with a local non-profit (The Ink People) to make classes available to socio-economically disadvantaged children. I am comfortable and experienced in evaluating and creating exercise programs for many population types including special-, elderly-, youth-, athletes-, and general-population.

What to Expect

A typical training session will involve a quick warm-up, followed by dynamic stretching. These will be followed by either a series of resistance exercises based on the client's specific goals and abilities or an optimized cardio HIIT workout, followed by a cool down and stretch period. Typical sessions last anywhere from 30-50 minutes. I am also available for distance/virtual training via skype or facetime, weekly strength/conditioning programing and running programs for all goals!

Client Success Story

As an NSCA certified CSCS, I worked with many private clients as well as student athletes. Duties included evaluating performance and prescribing sport specific exercises aimed at improving performance. I am proud to have worked with athletes from all of Humboldt State’s sports teams (D-II) including football, basketball, softball, crew, track and field, as well as powerlifters. In addition to athletes, I have worked with all population types, helping people lose and maintain weight loss, control long term health issues such as diabetes and PCOS, I have helped people improve body composition, gain lean weight, and improve cardio-vascular fitness.


  • Aerobics
  • Athletic Performance
  • Bodybuilding
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Boot Camp
  • Bosu
  • Calisthenics
  • Capoeira
  • Cardio
  • Circuit Training
  • Core
  • Endurance Training
  • Functional Training
  • High Intensity
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Marathon Training
  • Meditation
  • Personal Training
  • Resistance
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Senior Fitness
  • Strength And Conditioning
  • Stretching
  • Trail Running

I Can Help You Accomplish

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Endurance Training
  • Body Building
  • Nutrition
  • Pre/Post Natal

Training Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Training Location

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Planet Fitness
  • 310 Cypress Creek Parkway (Fm 1960)
  • Houston, TX 77090
  • Fitness Connection
  • Sawdust Rd
  • Woodland , FX 77381
  • Personal Gym
  • 5 Lynx Ln.
  • The Woodlands, TX 77380
  • Gold's Gym
  • 6511 Fm 1488 Rd.
  • Magnolia, TX 77354
  • Planet Fitness
  • 27830 Tomball Pkwy.
  • Tomball, TX 77375

  I can travel within 25 miles of zip code 77380

General Availability

Sunday 6am - 9am and 3pm - 10pm
Monday 6am - 9am and 6pm - 10pm
Tuesday 8am - 12pm, 3pm - 4pm, and 6pm - 10pm
Wednesday 6am - 8am and 11am - 10pm
Thursday 6am - 1pm and 6pm - 10pm
Friday 6am - 7am and 9am - 10pm
Saturday 6am - 10pm

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John M.

I trained with Gil at for about 6 months. He was helpful and encouraging in helping me develop a regular routine of exercise for the first time in a long time. Some of the tips he shared with me: 1. Showing up is over 50% of the battle of working out.  2. You will have good and bad days.  Don’t get discouraged. 3. Focus on good form. Focus on functional movements. 
Gil is a great trainer. He is encouraging and motivating. He does a good job explaining things whether you are novice or experienced athlete. I encourage you to try training with him if you are looking for a trainer!

December 8, 2018 • Verified
Diana D.

I've been in training with Gil for a month now (2x/wk) & he's GREAT! Very supportive, positive and easy to work with, plus he always provides feedback during & after each session. He pushes but in a nice manner and is sensitive to any injuries &/or pain I've experienced during my sessions. No prior injuries, but I am morbidly obese and have never used a personal trainer before. I highly recommend Gil to anyone - even to beginners like myself.

August 27, 2018 • Verified
Nick S.

Gil is an excellent trainer, and I loved working with him! Not only is he adept at developing workout plans specific to people’s level of fitness / personal goals / preferences, but he has a personality that enables him to get along with anybody.

I found one of his most valuable qualities to be his ability to explain WHY you should excercuse in a particular way in order to accomplish a particular goal. His knowledge of anatomy and biology play a significant role in his workout planning.

Gil gets along well with both men and women clients, and is able to adjust his style based on the personal need of the client. Awesome guy, super easy to work with, and he brings a positive attitude every single solitary day, in a totally genuine and understated way. 5/5 for sure.

August 9, 2018 • Verified
Chris W.

Gil is a very customer-oriented trainer. Very calm and methodical, but don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, he knows what he’s doing. I’ve seen him work with others and have used him myself. He is the type of trainer who asks what your goals are and sets up a program that works for you. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of exercise, physiology, and client psychology. Gil listens to what you want and provides a program (and alternatives) to meet your stated goals. I’ve been working out in commercial gyms for 15+ years and have interacted with a variety of trainers directly and indirectly. Gil is a true trainer (not a I-don’t-have-many-options-and-I’m-young-so-I-guess-ill-be-a-trainer-for-a-while). Every response to my questions about form, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency coincided with what I have researched on my own (of course he gave me more information than I already had because it’s what he does). I have no reservations about recommending him to anyone who is looking for a trainer and doesn’t want to settle for a “trainer”.

P.S. I would still be using him, but I live on the other side of Houston from where he is now.

July 27, 2018 • Verified
Rachel C.

Gil has helped me achieve my goals of gaining weight and muscle definition. As someone with PCOS and on medication that causes me to lose weight, I have struggled to maintain/gain weight. Gil put together a game plan and in 2 MONTHS (two 30-45 minute workouts), I gained 5lbs and am maintaining it. I cannot thank him enough for pushing me through workouts as it is nothing but heavy weights! Highly recommend Gil!

July 12, 2018 • Verified

Gil has helped me been helping me with my weightlifting and weight loss goals for the past 6 months. in that time all of my lifts have more then doubled and I have lost almost 50lbs. By far the most dedicated trainer I have used. He is currently helping me train for a powerlifting meet where I hope to total 1300lbs.

June 18, 2018 • Verified
Sandra G.

Working with Gil has helped me achieve my personal goal of gaining definition and strength. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and ever since I could remember, strengths was my main struggle. After discussing my weakness with Gil, within a 2 month period, I went from squatting 40 lbs dumbbell to now 165 lbs and going. That’s more than 3 times my dumbbell weight. I also went from not being able to do any pull-ups to now doing a few on my own with no help. Gil has really helped by giving me the tools I need to grow with training regimes. I now am more confident and stronger than I have ever been and people around me are noticing the change. I wouldn’t have done this without him,. Thanks Gil!

June 12, 2018 • Verified
Sharon M.

Gil is very knowledgeable about exercise and adapts the routine to your specific needs and limitations, if any. I have worked with Gil for 3 weeks now and anticipate continuing our sessions for quite some time. I would highly recommend Gil as a personal trainer for anyone who wants to build their strength and/or feel better about themselves.

April 22, 2018 • Verified
Karen L.

I worked with Gil for several months, 1hr twice a week after having twins. He kept things exciting and pushed me to achieve my goals. He was a good listener & kept me motivated when I was having a hard time. I managed to lose the baby weight as well as a few extra pounds & get the toned arms/legs I've been wanting. If he hadn't moved away, I would still have him as my trainer. Thanks Gil!

September 16, 2017 • Verified
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