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Chad D.

Experience 20 years
Location Overland Park, KS

Hi, my name is Chad. It's my mission to provide products and services that enable clients to meet their fitness and nutrition goals. I take my clients through an on going process that emphasizes creating a healthy lifestyle. I continually measure my clients progress and make sure I am meeting their expectations. I offer personal training, wellness coaching, weight loss challenges, and boot camps. So whatever your goal and budget, I would love to have you as my client.

What to Expect

I am a woman who has struggled with her weight since the age of 13. As you can imagine I have tried just about every diet out there. Earlier this year I came in contact with Chad. He has helped me not only physically but mentally as well. I am not as consumed with the scale as I used to be. I have learned so much about my health and nutrition and I feel better than I have in years! He encouraged me to do a Body Transformation Challenge and me being the competitive person that I am took that challenge. Not to compete against my unknown competitors but to compete against my old self. The challenge is over and the results are in but, that hasn’t stopped me from continuing my path to a healthier me. I am a true believer that God places people in your life at a time when you need them. Thanks for being that person Chad! 80% Nutrition, 20% Fitness!

Athletic Performance Bodybuilding Bodyweight Training Functional Training High Intensity Rehab Training Rowing Senior Fitness Strength And Conditioning
11848 Quivira Road Overland Park, KS - 66210
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