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Cesarina P.

Experience 10 years
Location Brooklyn, NY

I am an independent personal trainer based in New York City. I mainly travel to my clients, located throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. I also have training privileges at private personal training studio in Murray Hill, Brooklyn. From 2010 to the present, I’ve trained more than 50 people, many of whom have lasted for years (present record - four years). My clients’ backgrounds have varied, from clients completely new to fitness to highly physically active people; pre-natal and post-natal; a woman competing in the NPC Bikini division; runners who compete in races; age range: 22-57. I instruct mainly 45-minute sessions, and offer 30-minute sessions and full-hour sessions, as well as pair training and online training.

Trainer Certifications (1)

American Counsil on Exercise

What to Expect

For each client I perform fitness assessments, including strength, flexibility and cardiovascular functions. From there I develop exercise programs, based on fitness assessment results, clients' personal goals, as well as taking into consideration any health conditions. Their exercise programs also include additional workouts and activities that they could do on their own in between sessions, and nutritional recommendations and tips. During all workouts, I assist clients in using safe and effective exercise form. I conduct follow-up correspondences and follow-up fitness assessments, to track progress, as well as make necessary adjustments to short-term/long term goals and program outlines. I maintain appropriate and confidential records for all my clients, including general information, health inventory forms, waivers, program outlines and their progress.

Client Success Story

There are so many to choose from! One of my favorites is about my client who I've been training for years now. She initially wanted to seek changes to her body, which she has, but I am always impressed by her strength and energy to venture into harder move that really test her abilities!

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