About Me

Hi, my name is Annette. I was born in New Orleans, LA and have lived in Houston since 1988. I have practiced yoga since 1996 and taught since 1998. My first teacher training was with the Yoga College of India, Houston, TX. Since 2000 I have devoted my practice, study, and teaching to the Iyengar method. My yoga study has taken me twice to India, to Italy, California, and other U.S. states to take workshops from Iyengar senior teachers. I have been certified in the Iyengar yoga tradition since 2005. I attempt to impart to students not only the physical techniques required for a pose, but the mental and emotional aspects as well. Students learn increased body awareness and enhanced ability to breath and relax. I teach in my studio, Yoga Bhavana, offering group Iyengar beginner, intermediate, gentle/ 55+, and private sessions (on-site and off-site). I have also taught children’s yoga in schools and corporate yoga. I have a masters in clinical psychology and worked as a specialist in school psychology, my former profession.

I became a yoga teacher because the profession found me. As a school psychologist, I was in the people-helping business, but feeling frustrated with all of the legal bureaucracy. When I took my first yoga class in 1996, I became immediately impassioned and obsessed with the practice, practicing at home on days that I wasn't taking classes. One day I went to a class and the teacher wasn't there; the students asked me to teach, so I did. That's how the training fell into place. I love teaching yoga because it allows me to give to others a practice that has so much enriched my life. Teaching private classes is like detective work; figuring out the poses and variations that each student needs and helping them apply yoga to their daily lives.

What to Expect

I am fully present with each client. I assess their general needs and weekly special needs. Each session ends with guided relaxation. Clients finish the session feeling relaxed, more energetic, clarity of mind.

Client Success Story

A private client started yoga with me around 6 years ago while undergoing chemo-therapy for throat cancer. At that time she did a few supine poses on a bolster and breathwork. This client has also had a brain tumor, and later began having brain seizures. Her ability to perform poses changes weekly. She has been able to do standing poses supported at a trestle, and does very well with seated forward bends, supported chest expansion poses, and restorative yoga. She is unable to take anesthesia and uses the breathwork she has learned during medical procedures. She practices poses and breath work at home. She reports that the relaxation and breath practice has helped her the most in her ongoing recovery.


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  • Yoga Bhavana
  • 1415 Kipling St.
  • Houston, TX 77006

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Sunday 1pm - 5pm
Monday 7am - 8pm
Tuesday 7am - 9am and 11am - 5pm
Wednesday 7am - 10am and 12pm - 7pm
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Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm

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