About Me

Hi, my name is Adrian. My journey in the fitness world started when I was 19-years-old and decided to learn martial arts. I started taking Muay Thai classes and immediately I was hooked. Before long, I was working part time at the gym and training every day. I began teaching classes as well as private lessons, but I wanted to learn more. I began reading as much as I could about strength and conditioning so I could become as strong, fast, and fit as possible, and teach others to do the same. I soon realized I was even more passionate about sharing knowledge and helping people than I was about just working out for my own sake.

After college I found a job at a sports performance gym in Manhattan working as a manager while still training clients on the side. I was surrounded by expert trainers and continued to learn from them. In 2016 I made the jump to full time personal trainer at a commercial gym in Brooklyn before starting my own company (A-Team Strength) in February of 2019. Now I work with clients of all levels and backgrounds that are looking to improve their fitness and achieve their goals.

What to Expect

Workouts begin with a full body warm up meant to prepare your body and nervous system for the work ahead. This means breaking a sweat, mobilizing joints, activating muscle groups, and getting the whole body moving correctly.
After that we go into our main exercise which is generally going to be a full body lift that works a lot of muscle and gets you strong everywhere. This "big" movement is usually paired with a less intense exercise. Depending on the client this might be a certain stretch or a drill to improve posture or a core exercise.

After the main lift we get into our secondary exercise. This is still a full body lift, but one that is less demanding and hits different muscles than the first one. This is also paired with a lighter exercise that targets a specific need.

Next we go into our accessory work which is anything that the individual needs for their goals. For example if someone wants to add muscle mass, we might do a circuit of isolation exercises for arms and chest. If someone is prepping for a triathlon or other endurance event, we may do some kind of conditioning work to improve their threshold for fatigue. If the client wants to learn boxing or kickboxing, this would be when we get the gloves on and learn technique/combinations.

When time allows, I like to finish workouts with some sort of a challenge. By this point the client has worked hard and they are ready to finish and walk out the door. This is a great time to mentally push through barriers and really test your limits. Like every other component, this challenge will somehow relate to the long term goals and needs of the client.

Client Success Story

Client 1: Long distance runner who was worried about exercising due to knee pain. After just a few weeks the knee pain was lessened. Now less than a year later zero knee pain, able to run long distances and squat heavy.

Client 2: Became pregnant a few months into training with me. I am pre/post natal certified so she was able to train throughout her entire pregnancy safely and effectively. She was back to pre-pregnancy weight and body fat percentage just 8 weeks after giving birth and now is stronger than she's ever been.

Client 3: Lifelong swimmer who wanted to do his first triathlon but had never prepared for anything like that and never done a formal strength training program. We trained together for about 6 months leading to the triathlon and he ended up placing 2nd in his category.

Client 4: Middle aged woman with many health issues including osteoporosis. After several months of strength training her bone density is way up to a healthy number.


  • Athletic Performance
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Personal Training
  • Post-Natal Fitness
  • Powerlifting
  • Pre-Natal Fitness
  • Resistance
  • Strength And Conditioning

I Can Help You Accomplish

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Firming And Toning
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Pre/Post Natal

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  • Global Strongman Gym
  • 987 Pacific Street
  • Brooklyn, NY 11238

  I can travel within 5 miles of zip code 11214

General Availability

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